The Poles want to vote online. Latest poll.

According to a CBOS survey, 78% of respondents support the procedure of voting via the Internet in Poland. Most, however, believe that this solution should be intended for people in a special situation, who have, for example, difficulties in getting to polling stations.

As far as their own preferences are concerned, Poles turn out to be “traditionalists”. They would most willingly choose to vote at a polling station (73%). Even respondents with disabilities and people of advanced age prefer casting a ballot in a ballot box.

A total of 78% of respondents would like the Internet voting procedure to be included in the Polish electoral law. – 35% think that it should be addressed only to those who have great difficulties in getting to the polling stations.

The biggest supporters of the online voting procedure are the youngest voters (18-24 years old) – the total support for it in this group amounts to 86%.

The CBOS survey for the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection also shows that 74% of respondents support the procedure of voting by proxy, and 65% are in favour of it.

Source: https://nczas.com/2019/04/08/polacy-chca-glosowac-przez-internet-najnowszy-sondaz/

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