How does it work?

How to use the application?

The app is free and requires you to create a user account. The voting process is consisted of a few simple steps, that you follow using any device with internet access.

iVoting Free
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Create a user profile.

If you want to organise votes, validate yourself via email and an SMS code.

Design and share the vote.

Specify the start and end date of the event, a list of voting opportunities along with the conditions a user interested in voting must meet.

Participate in the vote.

Vote and further share active votes or their results on social media using links and QR codes.


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Organise a vote - validate yourself

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Expanded survey

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Image survey

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Effective education and gamification through voting
Virtual company competitions and the use of voting in promotion
A tool for the judging through voting
Evaluation surveys for pupils and students
Audience evaluation of speakers' performances
Evaluating projects and ideas
Team management through voting
Beauty, dance, and photo contests
Commodity market research
Quick, anonymous voting at meetings, assemblies, gatherings
Elections in non-profit organizations
Post-sale customer surveys

Dedicated commercial applications

The modular iVoting application is an innovative solution demonstrating a wide range of potential applications. Many entities hold votes at least once a year, which it could do using a smartphone and blockchain. In terms of application of the application, we are only limited by our imagination!

iVoting Business

voting in capital companies

iVoting University

voting in universities

iVoting Public Opinion

polling and opinion polls

iVoting NGO

voting in the non-governmental sector

iVoting GOV

voting in local governments and state institutions

ivoting business

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