iVoting Public Opinion


iVoting Opinion application is a tool dedicated to research institutes and opinion polling centres for quantitative and qualitative research by means of surveys, polls, tests and auditorium polls.


The application is designed to support the processes of surveying and opinion polling about products and services, brand or advertising tracking studies, segmentation, customer or employee satisfaction surveys. The goal is to obtain data from people selected for the survey in a friendly and accessible way while maintaining the anonymity of the person surveyed.


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Public opinion surveys

iVoting Public Opinion provides data for analysis and data linkage in opinion polling processes, including various types of social surveys, diagnostics of socio-economic problems, research into the level of satisfaction with life of residents in a region or city, research into the quality of customer service in public offices and institutions, research into political preferences on a local, regional and national scale, research into the image of a company, organisation or institution.

iVoting Public Opinion uses a database of users who are paid a small fee to complete surveys and polls for various studies, thus creating research groups from which research-specific samples can be selected according to the research objectives. The iVoting Public Opinion app will be available at the turn of 2022/2023.

Employment market research
Analysis of product and service implementation strategies
Analysis of multi-annual investment plans
Sectoral studies e.g. of non-governmental organisations
Research into diagnosis of addiction problems, social determinants of inhabitants' health in the region

Dedicated commercial applications

The modular iVoting application is an innovative solution with a wide range of potential applications. Many entities conduct voting at least once a year, which could be done using a smartphone and blockchain. In terms of application of the app, we are only limited by our imagination!

iVoting Business

voting in capital companies

iVoting University

university voting

iVoting Public Opinion

polling and opinion polls

iVoting NGO

voting in the non-governmental sector

iVoting GOV

voting in local governments and state institutions

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