iVoting Business


The iVoting module application is an innovative solution offering a wide range of potential business solutions. One of its capabilities is remote conduct of electronic General Meetings of Shareholders (eGM in joint-stock companies), General Meetings of Shareholders (eGM in limited liability companies), Management Board and Supervisory Board meetings in capital companies. It also enables to conduct General Meetings in a hybrid mode, with some shareholders present at the company’s premises and the others participating remotely. On demand, trial voting (simulation) can be carried out when there is a large number of voters or there is a need for participants to become familiar with the technology. The meetings can be recorded. The application is supported by an iVoting Business assistant which ensures the smooth technical operation of the meeting.



Remote voting in limited liability companies and joint stock companies
Conducting financial reports
A useful tool for investment funds, VC and private equity
Meetings of bondholders, creditors' meetings
Professional associations (solicitors, barristers, physiotherapists, doctors)
Holding general meetings
Holding board meetings with the possibility of voting
Services for state-owned enterprises
Services for the Chambers of Crafts and Commerce
Supporting software for federations and confederations of employers' associations
Supporting large capital groups with up to 10,000 voters at any one time
High level of anonymity in secret voting
Supporting corporations and municipal companies with high standards of voting security
General meetings of companies with distributed shareholders (crowdfunding)
E-voting in European companies and European economic interest groups
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Poland's first hybrid vote at a General Meeting of Shareholders

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On 15 June the first electronic General Meeting of Shareholders of Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. in Bielsko-Biała was held using the iVoting Business application. The Internet voting was attended by the shareholders’ representatives: Bielsko-Biała Municipality, Ministry of State Assets, Bielski Poviat, Silesian Voivodship Office. The session was chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Bielsko-Biała Piotr Kucia. The session was attended by the Management Board of the Company, a representative of the Supervisory Board and a notary public. The General Meeting was held in a hybrid mode – the shareholders voted both in the meeting room and remotely using the iVoting Business application.


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Dedicated commercial applications

The modular iVoting application is an innovative solution demonstrating a wide range of potential applications. Many entities hold votes at least once a year, which it could do using a smartphone and blockchain. In terms of application of the application, we are only limited by our imagination!

iVoting Business

voting in capital companies

iVoting University

voting in universities

iVoting Public Opinion

polling and opinion polls

iVoting NGO

voting in the non-governmental sector

iVoting GOV

voting in local governments and state institutions państwowych

głosowanie przez internet ivoting aplikacja

Online shareholders assemblies