iVoting University


iVoting University is an application that that can be used for university and college voting. This application will facilitate meetings of Faculty Councils, University Senate, work in university election committees and electronic distribution of resources for the meetings. Additionally, the application will allow to manage election and voting processes in the student council.

The iVoting University app concept has been awarded at the 2020 Hong Kong International Blockchain Olympics (IBOL). 59 teams from all over the world, mainly from Asia took part in the games. Even though the competition was very high, iVoting University as the only representative of Poland, won the Award of Merit.

The iVoting University app will allow for university elections for top positions, voting at university councils and student government assemblies, and for anonymous evaluation surveys.

The app is due to be available in 2022. In the meantime, you can use the iVoting Business app to handle university elections or use iVoting Free to handle student council elections.

Organising university bodies' meetings

What procedures should be implemented so that the university election commissions could implement the previously agreed election calendar?

These are just some of the challenges faced by Polish universities. The introduction of restrictions related to the ongoing epidemic forced them to develop new procedures. The new procedures are not only related to remote teaching, but also to the organisation of university meetings and councils.

iVoting responded immediately to the evolving social conditions by developing yet another model of the application. Learn about a concept appreciated worldwide, which was developed with the participation of students from the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw.

Dedicated commercial applications

The modular iVoting application is an innovative solution with a wide range of potential applications. Many entities conduct voting at least once a year, which could be done using a smartphone and blockchain. In terms of application of the app, we are only limited by our imagination!

iVoting Business

voting in capital companies

iVoting University

university voting

iVoting Public Opinion

polling and opinion polls

iVoting NGO

voting in the non-governmental sector

iVoting GOV

voting in local governments and state institutions

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