Our Team


The iVoting team consists of management, research staff, development teams and consultants.

Marcin Gawlas – CEO of iVoting Project – innovator, co-founder and co-creator of six start-ups in Poland, UK and Malta. He has implemented investment and research projects with the support of European funds in the IT, ICT, ISP, energy, softhouse, media, composites, high-tech, fintech (blockchain) industries.
He managed the construction of hybrid telecommunications networks (radio and fibre optic) of NGA (Next Generation Access) type from the Digital Poland Operational Programme in three IT projects of the total network length of over 2,100 km and value of over PLN 82 million.
Managed R&D and implementation of innovative products:
– low emission telecommunication towers for hybrid telecommunication networks using composite materials
– safe tarpaulins used in heavy land transport and a system of mobile monitoring and securing of goods
– software for management and administration of telecommunications networks automating management processes for local telecommunications operators.
The estimated value of start-up projects that he has “”built from scratch”” over the last 15 years exceeds the estimated amount of 22 million PLN in 2020.
Trained as a computer scientist, journalist and political scientist. A man of many passions. Football and tennis enthusiast, skier and snowboarder. A sailor with Croatian patent, a student of a glider school. Film, photography and travel enthusiast, but above all, a fan of modern technologies.”

Michał Bartczak – President of Carbonet.pl – marketing and sales specialist, who will be responsible for building up the sales team, servicing key clients in the subject of remote voting in capital companies and local government applications smart city and smart commune.

He co-created the success of Browar Jastrzębie S. A., called a phenomenon of the Polish crowdfunding scene. Jastrzębie Brewery raised almost PLN 4 million in the issue of shares on the largest Polish platform for raising capital.

He was responsible for building the sales distribution and coordinating the creation of the application to carry out the general meeting as part of the implementation works in the project. The implementation proved to be a success and one of the first hybrid EGMs on mobile devices in Poland was conducted without major difficulties, which was attended by several thousand shareholders.

He took his first steps in the start-up industry at the age of 18 in MKM, a company producing devices for the entertainment industry. The company joined a city cluster that was being created at the time, which brought together local businesses and was intended to stimulate the city’s development.

He became a finalist of rhetoric competitions and honed his talent and skills in public speaking, for several times.

He has experience in organising and conducting business events such as industry conferences and trade shows.

He is excellent at networking and building new business contacts, which is confirmed by the results of companies where he worked on positions related to sales and marketing.

Michał’s account also includes his own start-up connected with the fashion industry, “”My Clo””, where I was CEO. The start-up was based on creating clothing that was supposed to have antibacterial properties. The clothing was to be resistant to all kinds of dirt. The project used nanotechnology.

For several years he has been running his own business related to outsourcing services for large media houses and enterprises from Poland and abroad.

Specialist in social media, LinkedIn, as well as traditional media (radio and television).

Studies with specialization in marketing and sales management. Passionate about public speaking and new technologies, in his free time he loves going out on the town and singing at karaoke.”

Aneta Gawlas – COO – operational management in the iVoting project – business coach, coach with extensive professional practice, educator by education.

Accredited Masterclass Coach&Mentor by Brian Tracy International.

For many years a lecturer-practitioner at the Upper Silesian School of Commerce and the Academy of Business Administration.

A graduate of the prestigious Brainstorm Group Business Coach School and the European Business Trainer & Coaching Clinic (Corporate Coach U).

She conducts classes for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postgraduate students (including MBA) in fields related to broadly defined management. She lectures on a daily basis in several cities (Dąbrowa Górnicza, Kraków, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Cieszyn and Żywiec).

Her students appreciate her practical approach and also varied and engaging forms of presenting difficult issues. She successfully combats the myth of boring mandatory “”behap”” training – she changes the training staff by showing completely new possibilities of presenting difficult topics, using modern adult education techniques with the use of activation methods.

Aneta Gawlas has many years of experience in managing processes in project teams. As the co-owner and main manager of a family-owned clothing company, she was responsible for the preparation and realisation of exclusive clothing collections for such brands as Orwell, Jean Paul, Blacky Dress, Andres, IKKS, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

Member of the Think Tank International Business Institute in Malta, which specialises in consultancy and expert analysis of innovative business projects combining Poland and Malta. She also organises soft skills training for senior management in Malta. As she describes herself: her task is to help others to achieve their goals . She equips them with the necessary knowledge and tools, and motivates them to achieve their goals.

Jan Sienkiewicz – International projects Director – proxy of Carbonet.pl company, member of iVoting management team, responsible for international contacts.

Proxy in Regional Development Agency SA in Bielsko-Biala – one of the strategic investors of the project. Director in the International Projects Department of ARR since 2005.

Former Sales Director at Metalplast Bielsko SA (currently Aluprof). A scholarship holder of the Cochran Programme at the US Department of Agriculture with a specialisation in small business development and entrepreneurship.

He completed the University of New Brunswick, Canada programme in Business Marketing Management.
Main area of activity: broadly understood regional development.

Experience in internationalisation of business ventures and projects and networking. For many years, manager of international projects: Interreg, Horizon 2020, URBACT, Europe Aid, etc.
Involved in building and supporting the start-up scene, the use of seed capital funds and business incubation.
Currently implementing projects in the field of smart cities, modern innovation labs FabLab and digital competence Digital Innovation Hubs.

He develops projects related to the development and implementation of solutions in the field of Industry 4.0. He manages the team evaluating business ideas in the Beskidzki Technology Accelerator seed fund.”

“Prof. Krzysztof Piech, PhD – Head of Research and Development of the iVoting project and chief architect of the iVoting blockchain. Associate professor of Lazarski University, PhD in economic sciences. He has vast experience at the interface of science and business as a well-known in the Polish environment advocate of digital currencies, social activist, advisor to many start-ups.

The former head of one of the first blockchain technology accelerators in the world.
Coordinator of many scientific conferences, e.g. on innovation.

The participant of KBN, FNP, NCBR and other grants.

He’s been associated with the Warsaw School of Economics for over 20 years, first as a student of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems, later as an assistant trainee at the Department of Economic Informatics, and then as an assistant at the Department of Economic Policy.

Author of doctoral dissertation on the crises, assistant professor and senior lecturer, manager of postgraduate studies where three deputy prime ministers and several ministers lectured.

The youngest employee of the above mentioned university (employed at the age of 20), co-creator and the first lecturer of e-learning at SGH.

One of the first lecturers in Poland using the Internet in teaching since 1996.

Conducted research for his habilitation in measurement of innovation and knowledge-based economy at University College London (the 3rd best university in Great Britain, after Oxford and Cambridge).

He studied international economic policy and financial crises at the National University of Singapore (2nd best education institution in Asia), where he wrote a course book on economic policy in English. Business leader of the “”Blockchain / DLT and Digital urrencies”” stream of the government programme “”From Paper to Digital Poland””, where he led the work of a team of about 100 people advising the Minister of Digitalisation.
Co-organizer of one of the first in Europe public parliamentary hearings on blockchain technology and digital currencies.

A widely known domestic critic of the KNF’s policy towards digital currency companies.
A whistle-blower and activist fighting financial pyramids using cryptocurrencies; he educates the police and prosecutors in this field.

Member of the British Alumni Society. Polish Economic Society. Polish Information Technology Association. Polish Bitcoin Association and several foreign research centres and institutes (e.g. in London, Iran). Member of several management and supervisory boards of start-ups mainly in the blockchain industry in Poland, London and Singapore.
Founder and president of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation – one of the few non-public research institutes in Poland.

Advisor to several technology companies (including from China) and VC funds.
He predicted the last global financial crisis by warning the public and politicians about it in articles published since August 2007. (i.e., more than a year before the collapse of Lehman Brothers).

He also anticipated the previous global recession of 2001-2002 and its impact on the Polish economy. In May 2019, he was the first economist to warn of increasing food prices in our country.

He currently warns of an emerging crisis triggered by a coronavirus pandemic.
Author of more than 100 scientific publications. The scientific editor of more than 30 books, including a number published in London. The most significant of them is a trilogy on crises prepared for over 10 years (about 100 authors, 2.5 thousand pages). Author of the first publications on blockchain technology in Poland (available for download from the website of the Ministry of Digitalisation). Since 2016, he has been working at Lazarski University, where he leads the second Blockchain Technology Centre in Europe. He lectures on databases, blockchain and its applications in companies, as well as on international economic affairs, financial markets and stock exchanges.

“Anna Parzonka – R&D Investment Specialist – in this project she is in charge of efficient handling of financial settlements, projects and grants.

She has been supporting companies in the field of investment for over 7 years. She gained her experience in the 2007 – 2013.

Currently, she mainly deals with the area of projects assuming research and development activities and investment projects constituting product and/or process innovation, carried out by the private sector, in particular by SME s.

She is a graduate of European studies with specialization in EU funds and an economist with specialization in finance and accounting.

To date, her main area of expertise has been in the field of analysing opportunities and supporting companies in obtaining external funding, based on their investment needs.
In terms of support for the process of applying for aid funds, she dealt with support in obtaining EU funding from both national and regional operational programmes.

She also has many years of experience in accounting for projects during implementation, monitoring during the sustainability period and supporting companies during inspections. During her activity so far, she has also participated in the implementation of conferences, including a series of training courses entitled European Funds Laboratory 2014-2020 within the framework of POPT, organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, where she acted as a trainer. Enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, she is a certified fitness instructor. She enjoys active leisure activities such as snowboarding in the winter and diving in the summer.

We would like to introduce Anna Kłossowicz – the new IT manager at iVoting, who has taken on the role of Head of Product Implementation. Her task is to coordinate several iVoting software development teams working on bringing new products to market following the completion of R&D work. Anna has 10 years of experience in managing IT resources and projects, specializing in building team relationships, mitigating project risks, and identifying opportunities to streamline processes. She is a dynamic and team-oriented specialist.


Anna has been increasing her knowledge in three fields of study, including Business Management at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, Chemical and Process Engineering at the Wrocław University of Technology, and Chemoinformatics at the University of Wrocław. Prior to joining the iVoting team in July 2022, Anna worked in programming positions and currently serves the position of Chief Product Officer. Since February, she has been expanding her knowledge by beginning studies at the European University in Warsaw in Law with a specialization in Data Protection Law.


Anna has extensive experience in managing software development teams. She previously worked as a Denior Project Manager at software house Brival Sp. z o.o., where she was responsible for collaborating with business clients and technical teams. She was also responsible for Sales Development at Colway International S.A. and coordinated the Marketing of Digital Products for the nationwide ŻAK vocational school. Anna also served as a Senior Project Manager at Knauf Industries Poland Sp. z o.o., where she was responsible for defining project scope and objectives with all stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility. In addition, Anna served as a Technical Launch Manager at Toyota Boshoku Europe N.V., where she developed technical specifications for machines and equipment.


Anna has skills in using software such as Microsoft Project 2016, Asana, JIRA & Confluence, YouTrack, Git/GitHub, Python, C++, React, and APIS IQ-RM. She also holds several certificates and has completed courses in project management, including the Professional Scrum Master Certificate PSM level 2 (Scrum.org), Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project (Google), and Foundations of Project Management (Google).


Anna is actively involved in developing the Agile/Scrum Community as a speaker at monthly workshops, where people interested in agile project management can share their experiences, ask questions, and receive support. In her free time, she supports charitable work and volunteers at a homeless animal shelter.

Research staff

Prof. Mirosław Kutyłowski – a cryptography expert in the iVoting project, responsible for auditing technological solutions. In 1985 he obtained his doctoral degree in mathematical sciences, defending his doctoral thesis on the theory of recursion at the University of Wrocław. In 1992 he was awarded a postdoctoral degree in the field of finite automata and computational complexity and in 1999 he became a professor.

In the academic year 1984/85 he worked as a research assistant at the Graduate Centre CUNY, New York, simultaneously teaching at the Brooklyn College CUNY.

In 1988-89 he was on an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at the Darmstadt University of Technology. He spent many years at the Heinz Nixdorf-Institut, University of Paderborn, Germany, most of the time employed as an associate professor. In 1998-2000 he worked as an associate professor at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Wrocław, heading the Department of Computational Complexity and Algorithms.

In 2000 he moved to the position of full professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Wrocław University of Technology. For several years he was also affiliated at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of program committees of many international computer science conferences: e.g. STACS, FCT, MFCS, ACM PODC, DISC, ALGOSENSORS, ESORICS, or Editorial Committee of Fundamenta Informaticae.

Research interests include, but are not limited to:
– algorithms for ad hoc networks, sensor networks, distributed systems,
– computer security and cryptography,
– privacy enhancing technologies,
– e-voting, – legal problems of ICT systems.

Dr Artur Jakubski – one of the key people behind the cryptography in this project. Dr Jakubski is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science of the Częstochowa University of Technology.

He is an author of numerous publications on cryptography, steganography and decentralised untrusted computing.

For a number of years involved in the subject of cryptographic protocols, their correctness and security.

Leader of the project “”Analysis of cryptographic algorithms and their applications in computer science””.

Lecturer of, among others, the following subjects: Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Mathematical Logic. He teaches at the Cyber Security specialisation.

He currently holds the position of Head of Teaching for the discipline of Technical Informatics and Telecommunications.

His scientific interests are mainly related to cryptology, in particular: number theory, theory of rings and bodies, protocols of secret sharing and multi-party computation.

In our project, Dr Jakubski is responsible for:
– contextual assessment of the implemented protocols and conducted tests of the system operation under laboratory conditions.
– analysing the security of voting protocols, including designing potential attacks on the e-voting system which could demonstrate security deficiencies.
– supervising a team working on a voting protocol using the Chinese remainder theorem.
– proposing mechanisms for verifiability of the voter’s cast vote to ensure both the anonymity and the non-voidability of the cast vote.
– analysis of different variants of the solutions in terms of their formal correctness and technical complexity, and analysing them from the point of view of cryptography.
He loves to spend his spare time travelling with his family.

Rafał Maj – lead developer of cryptography, networks and security. Experienced in advanced cryptography analysis and cryptographic system design and implementation. Senior C++ programmer.

Participated in R&D work related to the design of micro-payment systems based on tokens provided with digital signatures and implementations of different payment methods, investigating the possibility of controlling in/out network traffic in full-nodded for cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin, for C++ boost ASIO. He also investigates C++ security for attacks via integer overflows and the like.

He was responsible for the diagnosis and description of significant bugs in a popular cryptocurrency; investigation of the feasibility of implementing Internet voting protocols, investigation of the feasibility of VoteCastle type protocols for customer specified applications. Author of MVP studies of a system enabling secure and unquestionable casting of votes in votes and local plebiscites, also known as a voting system under the “”Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technologies””. He was also involved in both design and development of various technological levels of the iVoting protocol. He tested the security and performance of voting systems and cryptographic protocols.

Rafał Kiełbus – CTO in the iVoting project – Senior Blockchain Developer. Serving as an advisor in the iVoting project from the outset, a technological expert in the main stream.
Board member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Blockchain and New Technologies; member of the Polish Bitcoin Association.

He is an appointed arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce and New Technologies (IGBiNT). He took part in the works of the MP Wilk’s Parliamentary Group for Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Participated in the work of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stream conducted by the Ministry of Digitalisation and in the work on the KNF Blockchain Technology Report.
Member of the team that is updating the code of niche digital currencies such as Doubloons, #Polcoin, #PLNcoin and participating in the creation of the #digitalPLN currency.

Worked as a developer at the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator.

Experienced blockchain programmer whose main responsibilities in iVoting include:
– supporting other programmers, using his knowledge and experience gained in other projects,
– solving complex technical problems encountered by the programming team,
– supervising and auditing conceptual and technical (programming) work,
– coordinating the integration of the computer networks’ protocols,
– ensuring an adequate data flow.

He has given talks on technical aspects of digital currencies, smart contracts, blockchain #technology, currency/token differentiation, Lightning Network technology, wallet security and more, including:
Beer & Bitcoin (several editions)
Blockchain Meetup Łódź (several editions)
Digital Money & Blockchain Forum (5, 6)
BlockchainTech Congress (1)
Bitcoin & Blockchain Meetup Opole (1)
IT Gorzów
Crypto Congress
Blockchain Alliance
Blockchain Devs

Robert Perliński i voting

Robert Perliński, PhD, is a member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science of the Częstochowa University of Technology. In iVoting, as a programmer and cryptographer, responsible for the implementation, testing and analysis of the e-voting protocol using the Chinese remainders theory and the theory of prime numbers.
Author of several publications in the field of game solving algorithms, decentralised untrusted computing, or power-up algorithms.

A senior programmer, primarily in C++, he keenly analyses various algorithms, studying their performance and efficiency.

He has comprehensive knowledge of the tree-search algorithms, of distributed computing algorithms that underlie untrusted cryptography, of combinatorics and discretionary mathematics.

Lecturer in database technology, web programming and, lately, in numerical methods.
Expert in the area of databases, also non-relational ones.

He specializes in building clustered databases and column families.

In iVoting project Dr. Perlinski is the one responsible, among other projects, for:

  • Testing various types of suggested voting protocols for their accuracy, performance and resilience to attacks.
  • Analysing the performance of voting protocols using Blockchain, indicating possible gaps or threats and proposing alternative solutions.
  • Implementing a voting protocol using prime numbers and the Chinese remainders theorem and analysing its operation.
  • Design and implementation of a vote-counting server application operating in a decentralised form using a suitably adapted consensus protocol.
  • Performance analysis and testing of various distributed systems from the point of view of their security, especially a voting system using Blockchain.

In his private life, Dr Perlinski enjoys hiking in the mountains. He goes kayaking and keeps himself updated with various sport events. He is a board games fan. He is into poetry, both written and sung. He would like to consider himself a Christian.

He was the main co-facilitator of two projects which resulted in launching e-learning at the Częstochowa University of Technology.

He took part in research projects where he was in charge of developing and implementing algorithms for the analysis and visualisation of measurement data concerning the operation of power turbine sets.

He co-authored many modules for data analysis and visualisation of an experimental diagnostic system launched at Kozienice Power Plant.

A longstanding teacher and lecturer at the Częstochowa University of Technology, lecturing on Fundamentals of Programming (including parallel programming), Programming Methods and Languages. He also lectures on IT project management.

His areas of expertise include algorithms and data structures, generalised programming, data mining, and information visualisation.

Dr Piątkowski’s responsibilities in the iVoting project include:
– research and implementation of algorithms allowing to ensure anonymity of the cast vote with simultaneous ability to count votes,
– investigating issues related to electoral corruption – buying and selling votes,
– deployment of a secure system for data exchange between voting applications and vote counting servers,
– launching an application which tests the operation of an electoral system built under laboratory conditions,
– implementing applications and scripts to simulate attacks on the e-voting system being developed by the team,
– supporting the work of a core team of C++ programmers.

On a personal level, Dr. Piątkowski does not like to write about himself. However, when necessary, he emphasizes that he dislikes publicity and many (though not all) forms of social media activity. He values both independence and civil rights, particularly the freedom to express one’s viewpoints. He enjoys travelling, skiing and gardening.

Przemysław Karda – expert on Blockchain and IT networks – he has vast experience in practical aspects of PoW protocol, experience in creating IT networks using blockchain.

Since 2006 he has been involved in the IT market.

At the age of 21, he founded the first technology company operating in the UK.
Former Polish army officer trained in the US Air Force.

Creator of the Business Forces leadership programme.

Co-owner of Belters – a limited liability company – one of the largest Altcoin mines in Poland, involved in ICO projects and applications based on blockchain technology.

He may be known for his appearance in Big Brother, where he promoted blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Co-founder of one of the most promising Polish new technology projects Tecra Coin. The project aims to use Polish graphene in diverse innovations such as durable motorbike helmets, polymer fibres, filtering membranes, conductive coatings or new types of lighting.

Author of the science-fiction book “”Interregnum””, which was a science fiction best-seller in Poland. Traveller, philosopher and entrepreneur.

Łukasz Gromek – a mindful man with vast interests, a programmer and a very experienced IT specialist. He has participated in various IT projects. An expert in blockchain technology.

Engineer and graduate of the Lublin University of Technology, Polish-Japanese Academy of Informatics.

He took part in the first edition of the innovative research “”Navigators of Tomorrow”” at the Warsaw School of Management – graduate and postgraduate studies.

He commenced his professional career in the IT hardware industry.

Unaffected by corporations, he gained a wealth of experience in managerial roles in private companies.

For 10 years he has been involved in independent business enterprises in the field of business coaching, photography, IT, fishing, journalism and media.

Currently an entrepreneur who leads technology projects linked to the following companies: G1 Studio – a limited liability company, Belters a limited liability company, Navicoin.

Co-founder of one of the most promising Polish new technology projects TecraCoin. The project is aimed at using Polish graphene in various inventions e.g. durable motorbike helmets, polymer fibres, filtering membranes, conductive coatings or new type of lighting.
Łukasz has become a member of our research team. He has a broad experience in the practical aspects of the PoW protocol, and is highly skilled and competent in computer networking using blockchain.

He is a vegetarian and a fan of mountains, nature and cycling.

Robert Oleksy – senior C++ programmer – member of the research staff in the iVoting project. He is responsible for programming algorithms and managing a team of C++ programmers developing the iVoting protocol.

He holds 5 years of experience in collaborating with research staff on IT projects related to blockchain-based systems, including transaction systems and e-voting.

He is a member of the technical staff that have been involved in building and developing the iVoting protocol from the beginning.

His core competencies are:
– proficiency in Linux, Windows support and the communication and support of other platforms (e.g. MacOsX, Android). Main research topics are mainly to work with the differences in security models, which create an area for research, e.g. investigating the right method for each system to protect local RPC communication and investigating its performance and potential attacks),
– excellent knowledge of C++ language. Knowledge of libsodium encryption, ASIO network libraries, JSON or XML data serialization libraries, protobuf, etc,
– experience in: static analysis, memory error detection and UB; automatic memory management smart pointers, integer overflow protection, unit testing, fuzzing,
– familiarity with deterministic build systems or environments like Gitian, Docker and similar,
– expert knowledge of QtCreator environment, GUI development, GCC and CLang compilers, Cmake,
– ability to debug and programming on various platforms including Linux.


Jakub Rydzewski – C++ Developer – technical physics engineer, C++ programmer. In iVoting he’s been a member of the scientific and research team since its inception.
In the team he takes part in creating and programming iVoting protocol implementation, as well as programming simulations and tests of a research character.
He has 4 years of experience in collaborating and building transactional and evoting systems.

His main competences are:
– good command of C++ language,
– knowledge of libsodium encryption, ASIO network libraries, JSON or XML data serialization libraries, protobuf etc,
– experience in static analysis, memory error detection and UB; automatic memory management smart pointers, integer overflow protection, unit testing, fuzzing,
– deep understanding of deterministic build systems or environments like Gitian, Docker and similar,
– knowledge of QtCreator environment, GUI development. Knowledge of GCC and CLang compilers. Knowledge of Cmake,
– ability to debug and programming on various platforms including Linux.

  • Another very strong strengthening of our iVoting team. Tomasz Korwin-Gajkowski, an expert and Blockchain software consultant, has joined the team.
    • In the Blockchain industry since 2011.
    • He cooperated with several BC projects (Kodak One, Arteia, East2, Buddy, Exfluency)‼ ️ He has experience in R&D projects (Sony R&D Center Europe
    Brussels Laboratory).
    • Technical advisor specializing in due diligence for Venture Capital (Memorandum Capital, Sunfish Partners).
    • Conducted many workshops for many companies and public organizations on BC issues, incl. Fujitsu, Cisco, Sony, ING Bank, Brown Brother Harriman Bank, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, National Bank of Cambodia, Department of Strategy of PGE (Polish Energy Group), Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and Jagiellonian University (Poland).
    • Advised law enforcement agencies on issues related to cryptocurrencies.
    • He lectured at the first Blockchain postgraduate studies in Poland.
    • Speaker and organizer of conferences and hackathons (including Blockchain Next, IT
    J-labs Academy).
    • Previously worked as a developer for companies in the financial domain (Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC), automotive (Mercedes / Daimler AG), supply chain management (Zooplus AG),
    • Co-founder of Crypto @ Cracow – the largest groups of meetings in Poland dedicated to Blockchain.
    • Co-founder of Hyperledger Kraków – the official Hyperledger meeting group
    • Member of the “Blockchain / DLT and Digital Currencies” working group led by
    Ministry of Digitization of the Republic of Poland.

    Tomasz is a graduate of:
    • UiT The Arctic University of Norway, IT,
    • Pedagogical University of Krakow, Computer Science.

We welcome Sławomir Kozok to our team, who will be responsible for creating a hardware wallet for voters in the iVoting system. Sławomir is a mechatronics engineer, he graduated from the Silesian University of Technology.

  • Since 2017, he has been running his own business in which he deals with the development of embedded and desktop software solutions.
  • He specializes in developing software for electronics used in 3D printers.
  • He created software and electronic systems for automation and fintech projects.
  • He carried out projects for the creation of IoT management and testing systems (intelligent lighting systems and Smart City systems).
  • He has pedagogical qualifications and trains students and high school students in programming. He created his own Python tutorial for high school students.
  • It also produces training videos in the form of accessible lessons about programming electronics.
  • He also specializes in designing electronics and programming hardware drivers.
  • In 2014, he won a gold medal at the Kunshan Invention Exhibition for his invention: “Communication system for people with disabilities”
  • He is an expert in programming in C :, C ++, Golang, Python, C #, ASN

Other engineering skills may include:

  • development of electronic devices (Altium Designer, KiCAD) with analog, digital and microcontroller parts,
  • support for simulation programming (MATLAB, Octave),
  • belongs to the Scrum (SAFe) and Waterfall teams.

Sławek’s hobbies are music (alternative, experimental), tea, cycling and role-playing games.

Advisors and specialists

Bartosz Gawroński – a specialist in strategic investments and key investors management. Investor and economist, involved with the iVoting team almost since the beginning. For over a decade, he has been fulfilling himself professionally and privately abroad, living in Malta on a daily basis.

Portfolio Manager and Investment Committee Member at a private company that manages private equity investment funds worth €700 million.

CEO of Think Tank International Business Institute in Malta, which focuses on consulting and expert analysis of innovative business projects in the area of modern technologies that generate passive income from their investments.

He has been managing various types of international financial assets for several years.
Bartosz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing obtained at Wałbrzych School of Management and Entrepreneurship and studied Business Management at the Wrocław University of Economics.

He also holds a number of investor licenses including:
– Institute of Investment Analysis Malta,
– Virtual Financial Assets for VFA Agents Programme at the Malta Institute of Management.
In the iVoting project he is responsible for: liaising with strategic investors, investment and strategic consulting, cooperation with venture capital funds and Business Angels.

Find out more on LinkedIn


Katarzyna Gorzkowska – lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law at Lazarski University, postgraduate studies of European Union law, personal data protection and information management and the H. Grocjusz Intellectual Property Rights Centre (IP Centre) in Warsaw.

She is a student of cyber-security and computer forensics. On a daily basis, she handles personal data protection, intellectual property law and AML. She participates in the implementation of projects in the areas of blockchain and GDPR.

She has collaborated in projects such as: Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator and Blockchain Technology Centre.

She is a member of the International Think Tank International Business Institute in Malta and of working groups for Cyber Security and Internet of Things at the Ministry of Digitalisation. Author of numerous publications on new technology law, including articles in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and Rzeczpospolita.

Author of scientific publications on the possibilities of using distributed record technologies, including: “”Smart City 3.0 Participation of citizens in city management with the use of electronic voting tools””, in City of the Future.

Dilemmas and challenges, Artur Borcuch Knowledge Laboratory Publishing House, 2019 and “”The use of new technologies in the creation of local money as an opportunity for the economic development of local government units – legal considerations””, in Functioning of local government units in the financial and legal dimension, Scientific and Publishing Institute “”Spatium””, 2019.

Mateusz Ślozowski – DEO – Design Executive Officer – creator of functional design and visual identity systems.

He is responsible for designing layouts, GUI fronts for iVoting applications and graphic interfaces of other tools developed within the project.
Creator of the iVoting logo. Responsible for the identity and visual message of the iVoting project.

He specialises in branding, and in particular, logo design. His personal predispositions allow him to analyse the current needs of the industry quickly and accurately.
Extremely meticulous and talented in the field of art.

Since 2011 he is the owner of Advertising Agency -Logarytm based in Bielsko-Biała.
Between 2012 and 2014 he served as Vice President at the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Success.

He was the mind behind a major rebranding of Higiena System (now HS Multiservices).

He has designed advertising materials for the 2nd and 3rd Beskidzka Gala Sukcesu.

Between 2014 and 2018, he was the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Bielsko-Biała, Żywiec and Cieszyn portal – BBFAN.pl. On a permanent basis, he is engaged with the Polish Cartographic Publishing House Polplan. As part of the cooperation, they published more than 40 wall maps of municipalities, cities and districts over the course of five years.

He created functional graphics for, among others:
– The North Face,
– MAN Starachowice,
– General Inspector of Environmental Protection,
– TS Podbeskidzie – a joint-stock company.
– Edukacja Polska Publishing House.

His portfolio includes numerous projects for customers in the areas of finance, law, spa & beauty, automotive, e-commerce, gastronomy, hospitality and others.

He is a trained physiotherapist and a self-taught, very driven, graphic designer.

In private life – a husband and a father. Also, an enthusiast of cycling, fantasy and good electronic music. LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mateusz-piotr-ślozowski/

Wojciech Bączyk – Absolwent SGH, na co dzień zarządza 11 osobowym zespołem GRANTS CAPITAL, któremu w trakcie 3 lat działalności firmy udało pozyskać się ponad 100 mln PLN bezzwrotnego finansowania (w tym ponad 6,4 mln PLN dla naszego projektu iVoting). Wojtek specjalizuje się przede wszystkim w dofinansowaniu przedsięwzięć R&D łącząc efektywnie współpracę świata biznesu oraz nauki.

Posiada bogate doświadczenie biznesowe począwszy od samodzielnej organizacji imprez masowych, aż po realizację projektów marketingowo-sprzedażowych wspólnie z koncernem Unilever.

Nie tylko pozyskuje środki, ale i samodzielnie inwestuje w perspektywiczne startupy (w tym m. in. udziałowiec Alphadesks).

Jeden z 50 uczestników I edycji Szkoły Pionierów zorganizowanej przez Polski Fundusz Rozwoju oraz University of Cambridge.

Półfinalista polskiej edycji rankingu FORBES 25 under 25 w kategorii ‘Biznes’.

Laureat wielu konkursów o tematyce ekonomicznej w tym finalista XXVII Olimpiady Wiedzy Ekonomicznej.

Magistrant prof. Leszka Balcerowicza. W 2020 roku obronił pracę przedstawiającą „Analizę porównawczą publicznego oraz prywatnego systemu finansowania startupów na przykładzie m.in. bezzwrotnych dotacji oraz funduszy Venture Capital”.

Uzależniony od adrenaliny. Pomimo młodego wieku (rocznik ’95) udało mu się odwiedzić już ponad 50 państw świata.


Maciej Grzybek ivoting

Maciej Grzybek – specjalista ds. międzynarodowego planowania podatkowego / International Tax Advisor.

Doświadczony menedżer, trener sprzedaży oraz pasjonat międzynarodowego prawa podatkowego.

Zasiada w zarządach wielu spółek w Polsce i za granicą. Znajduje skuteczne rozwiązania problemów związanych z prowadzeniem działalności. Doradza czołowym deweloperom, giełdom kryptowalut, jak również firmom handlowym.

Dyrektor zarządzający firmy zajmującej się międzynarodowym doradztwem podatkowym ITP GROUP Premium Services Ltd. Zajmuje się bezpośrednio kontaktem z klientami z sektora Premium, doradza w zakresie międzynarodowego planowania podatkowego, tworzy struktury międzynarodowe.

Ponad kilkanaście lat zajmuje się działalnością szkoleniową. Maciej jest absolwentem Szkoły Trenerów Brainstrom oraz Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie – trener biznesu to dla niego nie tylko tytuł ale również droga ciągłego rozwoju.

Swoje działania rozwija na rynkach w:

 – Wielkiej Brytanii
– Estonii
– Malcie
– Zjednoczonych Emiratach Arabskich
– Szwajcarii
– Cyprze i wielu innych

 W projekcie iVoting odpowiada za: doradztwo w zakresie międzynarodowego prawa i wdrożeń na zagranicznych rynkach. Doradza w tematyce budowania strategii sprzedaży produktów iVoting planowanych w USA, Wielkiej Brytanii i Szwajcarii.

Dowiedz się więcej

Rafał Augusiewicz – Yuotuber odpowiedzialny za komunikację i public relations w projekcie iVoting.

Z informatyką związany od najmłodszych lat i gdyby nie za duże pokłady energii i wybory życiowe to odnalazłby swoje miejsce za biurkiem jako programista.

Obecnie entuzjasta technologii, prezenter i przedstawiciel projektu iVoting w sferze internetowej takiej jak YouTube i Facebook.

Zdaje sobie sprawę z zagrożeń i trudności jakie stoją przed głosowaniem Internetowym, ale odlicza dni kiedy będzie można powiedzieć „Tak, to działa i jest niezawodne”.

Związany z takimi markami jak Allegro, Lenovo, HP, a spotkać go można na scenie podczas dużych wydarzeń branżowych i targów technologicznych. Interesuje się gospodarką, ekonomią, jest freelancerem i obecnie zgłębia tajniki druku i projektowania 3D.

Zbigniew Dal ivoting

Zbigniew Dal – a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University. Since 2010 he has been working as a legal advisor and he provides such services on a daily basis to the iVoting project.

He has gained corporate experience throughout 13 years as an in-house lawyer in the MOKATE Capital Group (ongoing services to companies operating under various legal forms in PL, CZ, SK, HU, UA).

Holder of a restructuring advisor licence.

Currently he is a managing partner in Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego i Adwokata DAL & KENSOŃ sp.p.

Aleksandra Kopeć iVoting

Aleksandra Kopeć – an attorney at Sadkowski and Partners law firm- co-author of legal solutions providing an opportunity to invest in intellectual property created by the iVoting start-up (computer code, algorithms, software, applications and digital tools) in the form of loan crowdfunding.

The funds acquired in this way from private investors will be used to cover the costs of software development, R&D and implementation, with a full attention to investment risks and opportunities to create innovation on a huge scale.

What is innovative, though, is the possibility to convert the investment contribution (loan) into shares in the Company implementing the iVoting project or tokenisation of the share. The works related to the creation of a hybrid investment model combining classic investment contracts – well-known legal tools on the market – with innovative tokenisation solutions, are coordinated by Aleksandra Kopeć.

At the firm, she is involved in day-to-day tasks related to trading in financial instruments, issuing securities and providing legal services to investment fund companies and brokerage houses.

She has extensive knowledge in the area of cryptocurrencies. She is particularly interested in legal aspects of using new technologies in the financial market (blockchain, DLT, AI & ML) and alternative methods of raising capital (Initial Coin Offering and crowdfunding). She also deals within the area of compliance and anti-money laundering and counteracting the financing of terrorism (AML/ CFT). In her professional practice, she provides advice to start-ups and innovative technology entities.

She is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of the University of Silesia where she is preparing a thesis entitled “”Equity crowdfunding in Poland. Awarded with the Prof. Walerian Pańka prize for outstanding achievements in science.

Speaker at scientific conferences and webinars related to blockchain technology law and the FinTech industry, author of numerous articles published, among others, in peer-reviewed scientific monographs and in the Business Insider Polska, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów Parkiet portals. Specialisation: fintech blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AML, start-ups.

Patrycja Wieczorek ivoting

Patrycja Wieczorek – an attorney at Sadkowski and Partners law firm. She has contributed to the legal development of the investment model of the iVoting project. The accepted financial model will ensure wide scaling of the project, also on international markets.

At the law firm Sadkowski and Partners she provides consultancy in business and commercial law, in particularly in the field of commercial companies law, advising private and local government entities. She carries out restructuring processes in both individual companies and capital groups. She has experience in providing services to capital groups in civil and commercial law, including comprehensive legal services to entities from the mining industry, effective conduct of judicial and administrative proceedings, legal advice in civil, economic and European law for private entities and public finance sector units.

The investment model provides for the possibility of capital entry of both private investors starting from PLN 20,000 and VC funds. The accepted financial model will ensure wide scaling of the project, also on international markets. We are currently working on implementing tokenization and enabling investment at a lower entry level (from PLN 1000).
If you want to know more, if you are passionate about new technologies, if you are a small, medium or large investor, if you have available funds of at least 20 000 PLN – contact us on: biuro@ivoting.pl and join the first, closed group of investors directly related to the iVoting project. We look forward to meeting you.

Rałał Wojciechowski ivoting

Rafał Wojciechowski – an attorney at Sadkowski and Partners law firm. At iVoting he was overseeing the development of an innovative investment agreement that enables the long-term, capital-liquid growth of our start-up.

His general responsibility here is monitoring the creation of the investment model. He has extensive knowledge in compliance, building investment structures and corporate and business services for financial institutions and public companies. His expertise is supported by several years’ experience as a Director of the Legal Department of an investment fund company and a brokerage house, as well as on supervisory boards. He has also represented financial institutions in court disputes, particularly these related to derivatives and the proper fulfilment of duties towards their clients. As far as criminal law is concerned, he specialises in the so-called white collar crimes and legal qualification of irregularities in the functioning of financial institutions and their members.

His vast experience in rendering services to financial institutions makes him one of the few Polish experts who have practical knowledge of administrative proceedings, in particular in front of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The legal opinions prepared by him, often serve as legal and financial schemes that enable an institution to achieve its business objectives in a complex and changing regulatory environment.

He combines his versatile skills and experience with the management of a team of specialists within the Capital Market Law Department, who complement each other to form one of the best teams of professionals providing services to financial institutions and public companies in Poland.

Additionally, Rafał Wojciechowski was recognized as a leading individual in the “”Investment Funds”” segment in “”The Legal 500″” ranking in 2018 and was recommended as a leading lawyer in the Capital Markets category according to the “”Rzeczpospolita”” ranking in 2019.


Developers' teams leaders

Lucyna Warda – Product Manager – The first woman who took up the topic of investment crowdfunding in Poland and its active promoter since 2014. Founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform FindFunds.pl, which offers crowdfunding services for I-gaming industry. She has also contributed to other crowdfunding platforms and a crowdlending platform. The finalist of the Businesswoman of the Year competition in “”Woman in New Technologies”” category, organised by “”Sukces Pisany Szminką””. CEO, COO and a supervisory board member of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. She has graduated from the Faculty of Law at Lazarski University, having passed the bar exam in 2018 (ORA in Warsaw).

She has more than 13 years of experience in servicing capital companies, including those listed on the WSE. Currently she works at software house Brival sp. z o.o. where she combines her passion for creating new applications, capital law and management. She is responsible for iVoting, Commodity and CyberID in terms of product and design.

Jakub Król – a programmer, entrepreneur, and the owner of a software development company – IT.focus in Katowice. He has been programming for over 10 years, from the age of 16. He has launched several original software solutions, which became very successful. The winner of many awards for technical innovation, including:
– gold medal at the INTARG International Fair of Economic and Scientific Innovation in Katowice,
– two gold medals at the International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS,
– Leading Innovation Award and gold medal at the International Invention Exhibition IEIK in China,
-a silver medal at the Polish Association of Inventors and Rationalizers at the International Trade Show of Inventions in Warsaw,
-silver medal at the International Trade Fair Ideas-Inventions-New Products in Nuremberg.

As a programmer, he operates in HTML, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, React, and C++. He has created well-received online courses in programming for beginners. He holds the AgilePM Foundation, Professional Scrum Master I, and Mobile Web Specialist licenses.
Outside of his company’s work, he actively contributes (or has contributed) to other projects such as:
– Jastrzębie Brewery, where he is a member of the supervisory board,
– Board Member of MKM – a limited liability company,
– iVoting in which he is a GUI Programmer as a member of the research staff,
– Coders Lab and Wroclaw School of Economics, where he teaches programming,
-multiple research and development projects where he coordinated the work of the scientific and technical team and compiled documents on the carried out works.

He is passionate about trends of research and development in the field of e-voting.

He is a big fan of the idea of democracy moving online. He also recognises the benefits that can be achieved by using similar technologies for the boards of the companies in which he is a member.

Mateusz Kupczyk iVoting

Mateusz Kupczyk – mobile application development expert – software architect, business analyst, entrepreneur.

An expert in the field of new technologies. He gained his experience while developing mobile applications for some widely recognised brands from the USA. His portfolio consists of mobile applications for sports clubs of top US leagues (NBA, NHL), high-performance mobile advertising delivery systems, and solutions for services used by “”Fortune 500″” companies.

He has vast experience in building innovative IT products while developing solutions for start-ups, supporting them on their way from completion of their incubation/acceleration programs, through subsequent funding rounds (including VC support), to final acquisition.
While leading a team of several programmers, he uses his rich expertise in creating IT solutions with the use of agile software development methods. His main area of focus is building innovative products focused on maximum effective use of technology in the process of product/market fit verification and delivery of a minimum version of the product to the final customer (MVP).

Wojciech Bachta – team leader of PHP developers. At the iVoting project, he is involved in developing tools for digital document signing with the use of blockchain. The outcome of this work will be an iSign tool that allows signing documents using the “”for”” voice in iVoting applications.

A few words about Wojtek:
– husband and father, entrepreneur and social activist,
– president and founder of Start-up Podbeskidzie Foundationy,
– owner of software house Da Vinci Studio, – ambassador of Start-up Poland Foundation,
– member of Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielsko-Biała,
– partner of Bunny Hop,
– Technology Director of Soccer Skills PRO.

Recognized and awarded in the Dedali competition, in the category Company of the Year.

He conducts various courses and trainings. Axure – using Axure software in designing applications and websites. He cooperates with Grodzki Theatre in Bielsko-Biała and IRP (Inwestycje – Rozwój – Personel – a limited liability company) in the field of training in Marketing, Sales, Motivation, Communication, E-commerce, and Personal Effectiveness.

The organizer of nine editions of the programming conference WeBB MeetUp.

He promotes the culture of knowledge sharing, an open mindset and entrepreneurship.
A fan of agile project management methodologies and new technologies.
Co-founder of several technology start-ups.

Graduate of ATH in Bielsko-Biała and AGH in Kraków.

He likes to spends his free time in an active way.


Marek Strojecki – iOS Team Leader in the iVoting project responsible for the implementation of the iOS application.


Tomasz Księżak – DevOps and an administrator of the infrastructure, used to develop and promote the project. His duties also cover research on optimal design and implementation of IT networks for the developed servers, creation of test networks, backups, setting up firewalls, creation of scripts and tools to analyse the operation of the blockchain solutions under investigation, assistance in optimising and increasing the security of their cryptography, analysis of network traffic in protocols such as TOR/I2P and meshnet when using them to implement voting systems, and assistance in the analysis of hardware wallets to look for possibilities to attack them.

He contributed to the creation of a secure voting system within the framework of the “”Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator”” and was also involved in the development of mesh networks. A physicist, a graduate of the Faculty of Physical and Information Sciences at the University of Łódź, an active supporter of free software and decentralization of technical solutions. An enthusiast of the Polish school of cybernetics, the heritage of Professor Marian Mazur and others.