iVoting GOV


The iVoting GOV application is a tool for remote voting in commune, county and provincial councils. The software will also support inter-municipal, inter-county, metropolitan and voivodship associations. A dedicated module of the application will enable handling of votes in courts and prosecutor’s offices (general assemblies) or the election of the jury panels.

The application is going to be a modern solution, operated exclusively with the use of Polish servers and fully GDPR compliant. It will enable distribution of digital material to the participants of voting assemblies as well as immediate access to the meeting agendas and their materials. It will be supported by a complete calendar and a browsing tool for archived documents.

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Remote voting, web streaming of proceedings

A system of registered and unregistered voting, intuitive and simple voting, constant control of the presence of the session participants, conducting debates with the possibility of switching off the microphone or counting down the time for speaking. The system will have a special panel for managing discussions for the chairman of the session, with the possibility of making statements in the ordinary mode, advocating or submitting formal motions using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The system will support online broadcasting of proceedings from local government sessions (YouTube integration), real-time streaming to the Internet and archiving of recordings, in accordance with the Local Government Act. iVoting GOV can be connected to local resident smart apps enabling every resident to get complete information about the work of the local government. An innovative solution will be the lack of need for external microphones and discussion tools, as it will be possible to operate it using laptops, tablets or smartphones. The system makes it possible to hold mobile, away-from-home sessions without having to be in specially equipped conference rooms.

An additional feature will be the ability to connect a sign language interpreter, as well as transcription of the voice of the proceedings into subtitles.

Dedicated commercial applications

The modular iVoting application is an innovative solution demonstrating a wide range of potential applications. Many entities hold votes at least once a year, which it could do using a smartphone and blockchain. In terms of application of the application, we are only limited by our imagination!

iVoting Business

voting in capital companies

iVoting University

voting in universities

iVoting Public Opinion

polling and opinion polls

iVoting NGO

voting in the non-governmental sector

iVoting GOV

voting in local governments and state institutions

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