Will one municipality in Poland vote using blockchain technology?

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According to a post on the profile of blockchain start-up iVoting, the municipality of Jaworze in southern Poland, near Bielsko-Biała, is to test a blockchain-based voting system soon.

“Jaworze municipality has proceeded with implementation tests of our blockchain. Poland’s first node server mounted in the server room of the Local Government Unit. #jaworze #blockchain” – we can read on the profile of iVoting.

What about iVoting?
The project has also launched its www, which you can find here. The publication of the finished voting app in mobile shops will take place on 1 March 2020. However, the tests are to take place in Jaworze.

This is what the mayor of Jaworze, Dr Radosław G. Ostałkiewicz, told the media last year about the idea

“Looking, at least roughly, at the benefits that blockchain will bring us, one can mention, for example, the introduction of voting in social consultations, civic budget or giving an opinion on drafts of local law. This is also the possibility to finally introduce e-windows on a large scale, i.e. to enable residents to handle their affairs from the screen of their computer, tablet or smartphone, or finally for residents to communicate with the office and vice versa through the so-called local digital ID, which is the equivalent of a qualified signature. The decision to join this partnership, which is unusual in form and content, was also influenced by the changes in the law which will become a local government reality from the new term of office, i.e. the introduction of broadcasting of commune council sessions and roll-call votes on draft resolutions and making their personalised results public. Why not test all this yourself? And we – as Jaworze – belong to the brave and curious ones…”

Blockchain vs voting

We have already written about the project here. In general, iVoting (original name: Lokalna.Net) is supposed to help with voting using blockchain. However, there are plans to develop it with other functionalities.

“The system allows the authentication of two digital IDs (a private key and a public key). In practice, this means that every smartphone-owning citizen of our country will be able to be invited to any kind of voting, in which they will have the opportunity to participate anonymously or under their name by clicking on their phone”

Marcin Gawlas, CEO of the start-up, explained to the media.

Author: Jacek Walewski
Source: https://comparic.pl/jedna-z-gmin-w-polsce-zaglosuje-za-pomoca-technologii-blockchain/

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