Free tool to manage your vote online

We give you the iVoting Free app – a free tool to manage your vote online – We live in a diverse society where we play different roles every day. We are parents, students and teachers, employees and employers, voters and politicians. We have our own reasons and beliefs. We want to change or maintain the status quo.

We argue – for and against, and sometimes we don’t have an opinion. We rally support for or protest against issues that are important to us. Often we need to consult, to probe the needs and expectations of our environment. Sometimes we act socially, organise mutual help, help improve the world around us. The modern world requires us to keep our distance, creating a new kind of remote relationship. This reality calls for digital, trusted tools to help build consensus in small and large social groups. The free distribution of voices on the Internet and the decentralised management of the will of individuals in cyberspace, will make it possible to organise a new universe for a better tomorrow. That’s why we are creating the applications of the future that will give real value and meaning to every voice on the Internet. Use your vote – use iVoting!

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