Commodity application

In 2020, individual investors donated PLN 1538 34 to the iVoting research and development project using Blockchain technology for online voting. In 2021, we plan to launch a special tool for retail investors that will make it easy and affordable for them to gain profits from our project.

The Commodity (Pay) app is a payment gateway that will help streamline the process of investing in R&D projects such as iVoting and open the possibility of its tokenization in the future. MVP Commodity’s core functionality:
TOP UP YOUR WALLET – allows you to top up your prepaid account, i.e. purchase a CYBER TOKEN at a 1:1 conversion rate for PLN via BLIK, credit or debit card debit, PayPal, or traditional transfer.
INVESTMENTS – using Cyber Tokens the user can invest in projects and start-ups connected to the payment gateway (the first of which will be iVoting)

PROJECTS – each project has its own investment description, details of terms, SC and HC, token issuer details with number of units, currencies accepted, information on collateral and current shareholders.

PROJECT COMMUNICATIONS AND PLANS – projects can publish financial reports, announcements and send notices to Investors, thanks to which they build a history of a start-up with which you can get acquainted and make a decision on a possible investment.

INVESTMENT SIMULATION – gives a detailed insight into a given project – contains information about the project white paper, entry threshold, estimated and expected rates of return, investment risk, the possibility of converting the investment into shares in a special purpose vehicle. The investor may see charts of investment dynamics, valuations and balance forecasts, or e.g. the progress of growth in the number of investors or application users.
INVEST – thanks to this functionality, you can learn about the legal conditions of the investment and sign investment or loan agreements, determine the amount of payment or divide payments into monthly tranches spread over time. Both individuals and companies may invest. The investment mechanisms supported by the Towarowa application can be compared to equity or loan crowdfunding – we recommend reading the in-depth knowledge on this topic at: https://www.parp.gov.pl/…/66850:crowdfunding-w-swietle….
SAFE – allows you to review investment documentation and obtain information on investment profitability.
RECOMMENDATION PROCESS – each investor will be able to recommend the start-up to his/her friends by sending a reference link. If an investor creates an account using the link in the application and invests in the project, the user sending the link will receive a commission – depending on the amount invested from 5-10%.

The Commodity app will be developed as an independent start-up. The pilot implementation of the first project, which will be iVoting, will show whether the idea will take hold in the market. If the interest of other start-ups in tokenization of their investment projects using our application is high, we will set up a separate start-up and develop Commodity MVP with further functionalities and capabilities. In further stages of development of the Commodity project, we plan to acquire a license for the application in order to be able to legally offer business and consumer solutions supporting mass deployment of tokenization and cryptocurrencies and, of course, cashless transactions worldwide.
The Commodity app will enable companies handling tokens/cryptocurrencies to buy and sell them on the open market and invest using cryptocurrencies in innovative start-ups. Commodity’s competitive advantage will be to offer users an easy and efficient way to handle any transaction and to invest seamlessly, quickly and easily in stockpiled projects.

Commodity will be a mobile payment app that allows users to accept payments at physical locations, such as shops and services, without monthly fees, allowing merchants to open the door to accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment even at local grocery shops.
Commodity will provide online merchants with the ability to accept payments in FIAT or cryptocurrencies using payment cards (VISA, MasterCard), bank transfer, QR codes, pay-by-link and PayPal. Every time you use in-store or online purchases or invest in projects you will receive cashback and referral commissions or tokens/points that you can exchange in-store for rewards from a catalogue of products or services or get discounts on subsequent purchases by paying with tokens obtained from cashback. Thanks to the solution, small local shops will be able to cheaply introduce their own electronic customer cards with discounts and promotions, such as those offered by large retail chains or petrol stations. Planned launch of Commodity application MVP – second quarter of 2021

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